System Module

Field Inspection Module

Field Work Monitoring Module has made it easy for field officers to report their daily field inspection work of varied categories. The module allows them to submit inspection report directly from the field, capturing a photo of the field, location, date and exact time.

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GPS Attendance Module

Making the attendance process easy and effective, GPS Attendance module uses GPS to pin-point the officers’ accurate location. It allows employees to mark their attendance online, enabling seniors to track down the attendance of their staff members with complete information.

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GPS Road Checking Module

GPS Road Checking Module has replaced the traditional method of reporting about material testing, inspection, road construction and geotechnical investigations with the new technique. It allows inspectors to generate inspection reports and submit it online.

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Project Tracking Module

Project Tracking is the most advanced solution of the SmartCity-311 mobile suite, enabling field engineers and officers to track the progress of projects of the city. Through this module, officers can know the physical and financial progress of the projects like construction…

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Smartcity-311 Bags the ‘Skoch SMART Governance Award 2015′


Simple software solution for Citizen

The intuitive design of the app requires no training for using, and it is extremely fast as we have delivered the entire suite on Software as a Service (SaaS) software model. You (as a citizen) just need to sign-up and get ready to use it. Moreover, the app is simple to use for citizens to report non-emergency issues to government officers directly.

Easy to Maintaining staff and Citizen complains

More than 95% of cities have a manual way of maintaining the complains of citizens or a simple software solution that only tracks complains, but takes huge time to solve. However, it is not integrated system, so it is better to adopt a right solution like SmartCity-311.

Simplify operation & maintenance of entire City

The main aim of the application is to streamline the entire process of reporting, inspecting and managing tasks, and enabling citizens to report non-emergency issues without any hassle.

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