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Announce the launch of MCD mobile app for three municipal corporations including SDMC, EDMC and NorthDMC

We are glad to announce the launch of MCD mobile app for three municipal corporations including SDMC, EDMC and NorthDMC of Delhi, which cover 94% of the total area of the capital city, in January 2018. It was launched by Lt Governor Anil Baijal at the Raj Niwas Delhi. It aims an enhanced engagement of citizens in resolution of complaints and improved civic service in the city. Using this mobile application, users can find the locations of nearby public toilets, police stations, metro stations, petrol pumps, parking and other places. Along with this citizens can connect with emergency departments like fire, ambulance etc. Even the complaints with images from all three corporations can be logged and resolved by the appointed ward officer quickly. The citizens can even check the status of their complaint like assigned, on the job and resolved. 311 app is also synced with Swachhta App, so complaints posted by the citizens through the 311 app will be recorded in Swachhta App too. This is the step to make the country capital, Delhi – A clean city!


Civic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Got an Award at Startup 2.0 Conclave, a Mega Startup Event by India Network

Everything Civic got an award at Startup 2.0 Conclave, a mega startup event that has been organized by India Network in Indore. SmartCity-311 has been recognized as one of the 100 emerging Start-ups by India Network at Start-up 2.0 conclave.

It was one of the biggest events that held on 25th February 2017 and a lot of investors from India, U.S. and Japan came together along with the founders of Uncorns to see the young and bright startups and fund them.

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Jabalpur Becomes the First City in the State of Madhya Pradesh to Launch Jabalpur-311

Jabalpur is a tier 2 city in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India, and it is the third-largest urban accumulation in Madhya Pradesh and the country’s 37th largest urban agglomeration.

To make the city smart for citizens of the city, Jabalpur Municipal Corporation has launched Jabalpur-311, a mobile-based citizen application, enabling citizens of the city to access a range of civic services using their smartphone.

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Field Reporting Application: How this App Increases On-site Productivity by 97.5%?

As per one case study, a multinational oil and gas company’s current process of filling out forms on-site and until it’s handled takes almost 120 minutes. However, these companies can make the process of filling forms a lot easier with field reporting applications.

Using such high-end solutions, they can fill out the field forms in just 3 minutes, making the entire process automated. When it comes to talking about such applications and solutions that make the process of generating reports simpler, Field Reporting is one such application that gathers all the important data and forms into one place, making the whole paper process much more efficient and effective.

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3 Major Reasons Road Inspectors & Engineers Should Adopt GPS Road Checking Application

Before the inception of the smartphone era, it was quite challenging task for road inspectors and engineers to manage the field operations. Updating the reports in papers and maintaining files is not an easy task as updating files, creating reports on road & its progress and data values can break pre-set functions.

In case, if the report about one project is spread over other files as well, it’s likely that each report or file needs changes based on that additional field. As a result, maintaining a lot of paper-based reports and files will be the confusing and complicated task as senior officers don’t that of time to see that which data is affected by the addition. Moreover, with physical data and reports, there are chances for errors, losing or damaging this valuable data.

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Search Nearby Places

Searching Nearby Places Becomes Easy With NDMC-311 Application

No matter whether you are planning to visit New Delhi or you are a resident of NDMC area, searching nearby places of your current location becomes extremely easy using NDMC-311 application.

A mobile-based citizen application NDMC-311 that has been launched by NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) department for the citizens of NDMC area. The application allows users to access enormous civic services using their smartphone.

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How one Mobile Application is Improving & Advancing Field Reporting & Monitoring?

The significance of real-time communication is a formation principle of Field Reporting application. Reporting directly from the field is a highly important component of that. We all know that everyone needs to have up-to-date information about the project so that they can get the maximum efficiency and collaboration on a job site.

In such a highly regulated industry, work that performed on the field and on job site must be properly documented and tracked in order to make sure the highest levels of transparency and compliance. With various field engineers and officers, it is quite difficult for senior officers to ensure that the assigned work to a particular officer is complete, accurate and effectively performed.

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Mobile Governance: Improving the Value of Services

In this era of mobile phones, we have noticed that mobile technology has significantly changed the life of people, making it more comfortable and efficient. It enhances the capability of delivering business and client-centric government services.

Empowering citizens and affecting the way they are interacting with each other and with the society, mobile phones are playing the biggest role and considered as an effective tool in firming equality through better citizen-government interaction. Thus, it impels the political decision-making process and making governments accountable for their activities.

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