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Track Employees' Attendance

Reduce Inappropriate Attendance with Ready-to-use GPS Attendance Application

With constant increasing in the number of employees in the city government’s departments, it becomes quite difficult to track each and every employees’ attendance like at what time he marked his attendance, did he marked his attendance by his own, what if he needs to visit field directly from home?

Even, senior officers can’t track all the employees’ attendance as they are busy with their own schedules and workload. However, the picture is changing gradually because a lot of new and easy-to-use attendance tracking technologies are being introduced that make it easy for employees to mark their attendance without any hassle.

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A user-experience on NDMC-311 app

Nalini Khandelwal: An NDMC Resident Shares Her Experience of Using NDMC-311

A resident of NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) area ‘Nalini Khandelwal’ is a director at Pumarth Credit & Capital Ltd. Recently, she shares her experience of using NDMC-311 application that helps her to make a complaint regarding any civic issue like potholes, water logged street, garbage, etc.

NDMC-311 is the most powerful citizen application that enables citizens of NDMC area to access various civic services like all citizen services, real-time traffic & parking information, instantly pay bills, find nearby places, etc.

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Track Project's Progress

An Easiest Way to Track Project’s Progress with Project Tracking Application

Tracking and managing project progress is an extremely crucial to project success as it helps you to know where you are at and when you are going to finish it. However, city government works on lots of projects together, and managing and tracking all those projects is not easily possible.

Along with it, field engineers and officers need to visit the project site and generate paper-based reports, filling complete information about the project like its progress, writing information, financial progress, etc.

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Dr virat_blog_image_01

How NDMC-311 Application Helps Dr. Virat Kuntalam, a resident of NDMC Area?

Dr. Virat Kuntalam is a resident of NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) area and currently works at NDMC department. Recently, he shared his experience of using NDMC-311, a mobile-based citizen application, which helps citizens to access enormous civic services using their smartphone.

According to him, it is the best initiative that taken by the NDMC department as the application makes it easy for citizens to become the part of Smart City Mission. Considered as the most scalable cloud-based application, NDMC-311 allows residents of NDMC area to get real-time traffic and parking information, a complaint about any civic issue, access citizen services, instantly pay basic amenities bills and more.

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Neeraj Shrotriya, an NDMC Citizen, shares His Experience of Using NDMC-311 Application

Neeraj Shrotriya is a professional Lawyer in the NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) area and using NDMC-311 from last one month. He is thankful to NDMC department for launching this wonderful application that is doing a great job. It is the best opportunity for the citizens of NDMC area to take a part in the mission of making a city smart.

NDMC-311 is a highly useful application for citizens of NDMC area as the app makes it easy for all the citizens to access a range of civic services. Moreover, he said that now he can pay his basic amenities bills from the comfort of his home and get real-time traffic and parking information of different NDMC areas.

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NDMC Addresses 95% of Complaints That Received Through NDMC-311 App

NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) has addressed 95% of complaints of residents of NDMC area that received through the NDMC-311 mobile application.

With regard to resolving the complaints of citizens of New Delhi, Sunil Verma, an Assistant Sanitary Inspector (ASI) at Public Health Department of NDMC, got a prompt promotion for his wonderful job and performance. He got a promotion as the Sanitary Inspector in NDMC on ad hoc basis.

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3 Biggest Cities that are Solving Civic Issues with Modern Technology

Can citizens of the city be fruitfully engaged in solving civic issues? Yes, citizens can easily make a complaint regarding any civic issue and solve the problem that they are facing in the city.

Recent initiatives in cities like New Delhi, Jodhpur, Ajmer and more indicate that citizens can be involved in not just identifying the civic issue, but in conceptualizing, designing and developing, and implementing solutions as well.

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How to Make Field Officers’ Life Easier with Field Reporting Application?

When it comes to talking about the government employees, field engineers or officers are a bit different than most. Often, they are off site, managing their own assigned work and generating paper-based reports.

Many a time, they have to visit the field early in the morning; therefore, they directly visit the field for inspection and generate reports. After making reports, they have to come to the office to submit those reports to senior officers.

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NDMC-311, a Mobile-based Citizen App, Gets Positive Response

The mobile-based citizen application NDMC-311, which has been launched by the NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) last month, is getting good and positive response from the residents of the NDMC area, said Chanchal Yadav, Secretary, NDMC.

The launched application has recorded more than 5300 downloads in one month. Commissioned to help residents of the New Delhi area, the application has received 1966 complaints out of which 1664 has been addressed.

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NDMC-311 Resolved 500+ Complaints

NDMC-311 Sorted Out 500+ Complaints of the Residents in Just One Month

It’s been almost a month since NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) launched NDMC-311, a mobile-based citizen application, allowing residents in areas under New Delhi Municipal Council to access the civic services at one single platform.

Developed by Everythingcivic.com, NDMC-311 sorted out more than 500 complaints of the residents in just one month. The application is getting a good response from the citizens as more than 5000 residents are connected with this high-tech application.

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