Jabalpur Becomes the First City in the State of Madhya Pradesh to Launch Jabalpur-311


Jabalpur is a tier 2 city in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India, and it is the third-largest urban accumulation in Madhya Pradesh and the country’s 37th largest urban agglomeration.

To make the city smart for citizens of the city, Jabalpur Municipal Corporation has launched Jabalpur-311, a mobile-based citizen application, enabling citizens of the city to access a range of civic services using their smartphone.

In the presence of Agriculture Minister Shri Gourishankar Chaturbhuj, Jabalpur Mayor Dr. Swati Godbole, Jabalpur Municipal Commissioner Mr. Ved Prakash, Collector and Superintendent of Police, JMC (Jabalpur Municipal Corporation) has launched this feature-rich mobile application that comes with enormous features to serve citizens of the city.

By using Jabalpur-311 application, citizens can access various services like helpline no, real-time traffic, and parking information, search nearby places, pay their basic amenities bills, access all citizen services, apply online for birth and death certifications, and more.

In addition to this, citizens can also report non-emergency issues like potholes, waterlogged street, garbage on the road, etc. to the municipal corporation. Measured as the most powerful citizen application, Jabalpur-311 will make the life of citizens more comfortable, allowing them to access various services from the comfort of their home.

Once the complaint is submitted by the citizens of Jabalpur city, the application will automatically route it to the suitable department and generate a work order that can be tracked by both the department and the complainant, who will also receive automated notifications.

Providing more information on the application, it allows citizens to explore nearby places like public toilets, ATMs, banks, hospitals, cinema halls, bus stands, hotels, railway stations, etc. So, citizens can search for any nearby place which they are looking for and also get its driving route for quick reach.

Along with Jabalpur-311 citizen application, JMC (Jabalpur Municipal Corporation) has launched Jabalpur-311 officer app, allowing JMC officers to directly report from the field, mark their attendance online, generate road inspection report, track projects of the city and manage workflow.

JMC officers can easily access this application and get enormous benefits to make their daily work hassle-free. Eventually, it was one of the biggest launched events by JMC department, where a lot of well-known people were present to make this event remarkable.


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