3 Biggest Cities that are Solving Civic Issues with Modern Technology


Can citizens of the city be fruitfully engaged in solving civic issues? Yes, citizens can easily make a complaint regarding any civic issue and solve the problem that they are facing in the city.

Recent initiatives in cities like New Delhi, Jodhpur, Ajmer and more indicate that citizens can be involved in not just identifying the civic issue, but in conceptualizing, designing and developing, and implementing solutions as well.

The availability of new technologies like mobile-based citizen application has drastically decreased the communication distance between government agencies and the citizens they are serving.

Moreover, it is imperative to involve citizens, who are often nearby to and have deep knowledge about the problems that they are facing in their day-to-day life, makes sense given the aggregate complexity of the problems, which need to be addressed.

Cities That Solve Civic Issues Using Mobile-Based Citizen App:

New Delhi

Recently, NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) has launched the most useful mobile-based citizen application that called NDMC-311. The application allows citizens of Delhi to access a wide range of civic services. They can also make a complaint regarding in any civic issue that they are facing and get a solution for their problem within the definite time period.

No matter whether they wanted to make a complaint regarding any commercial, electricity, enforcement, health, public toilet or any other department, they just need to use NDMC-311 application and click the picture of the issue, select a category and submit it.

NDMC department will resolve the issue within the particular time period and citizen will close the issue once he fills that his issue has been resolved. Apart from making a complaint regarding the civic issue, citizens are allowed to access enormous civic services like Helpline 24×7, All Citizen Services, Quick Pay, Traffic & Parking, What’s Near Me, Connect with NDMC and many more services.

When it comes to talking about the particular feature of this application, Helpline 24×7 enables citizens to call emergency department like Delhi police, NDMC control room, Fire, Ambulance, AIIMS hospitals, Disaster management of Govt. of NCT, Senior citizen helpline and more.

Moreover, citizens can access all citizen services like electricity, water, property Tax, estate and more. They can view their bills and pay their bills directly from the app. In any case, if they wanted to get real-time traffic and parking information about different parking zones, they can get it using Traffic and Parking. They can find nearby places like public toilets, hospitals, police stations, taxi stands, metro stations, etc. from their current location.

Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Nagar Nigam of Jodhpur City has also launched Jodhpur-311 application, allowing citizens of the city to make a complaint regarding any civic issue of the city. The Nagar Nigam has launched this application for the citizens of the city so that they can make an immediate action against their problem.

They just need to download this application in their smartphone, take a photo of the issue, choose the category and submit it. They will get an acknowledgment from the officer and the complaint will be resolved by him within the definite time period.

It doesn’t matter whether citizens are complaining about public toilets, public gardens, drainage and rainy canal, death animals, property/home tax, missing animals or any other issue, they just have to use their smartphone with this application to make a complaint regarding it.

Ajmer, Rajasthan

The Nagar Nigam of Ajmer City has also launched Ajmer-311, a mobile-based citizen application, enabling citizens to make a complaint regarding various issues. Citizens of the city can raise their voice against any civic issue like potholes, water logged street, death animals, drainage & rainy canal, public gardens or any other issue.

Citizens just to need to download this application in their smartphone and click the picture of the issue, selecting category & write a description about it and eventually submit it. The Nagar Nigam officer will acknowledge the submitted issue and resolve it within the definite time period. It is the best way for citizens to solve civic issues that they are facing on daily basis.

So, these are three biggest cities that have launched a mobile-based citizen application to solve civic issues that citizens are facing in their daily life. Therefore, it is imperative for other cities’ government to launch this mobile-based citizen app, allowing citizens to raise their voice against the civic issue.