A Complete Guide to Make Mining Inspection Process Easy


Today, the mining industry plays a very significant role in the whole country as the Geology and Mining department discovers all the major and minor minerals like Clay, Beryllium, Copper, Graphite, Granite, Lithium, Silica and much more by mining and performing a regular inspection on the place.

However, minerals can be found across the world in the earth’s crust, but finding in small amounts not worth extracting. Therefore, the help of particular geological processes are minerals focused into economically viable deposits. Moreover, mineral deposits can be mined, where they are found.

But do you know how the Geology and Mining Department works? How this department performs regular mining inspection? Let’s have a look at how this department works and perform their daily inspection:

Initially, one land is found by the fellow geologists or by private companies in order to search any kind of minerals. In case if they are finding any minerals, the sample of the sand sent to a laboratory for testing purpose that whether they will found any kind of minerals if they dig the pit deep enough or not.

Once it is found that they will find minerals from the land if they dig enough, a private company is hired to work on that land for digging and find minerals. The land is given on lease for a period of 10 to 15 years to that selected company.

How Mine Inspectors or Supervisors Prepares for a Mine Inspection?

One of the major tasks to prepare for conducting a mine inspection is to become familiar with the major information of the reclamation plan and its important components. It is important for them to develop a complete checklist of all the reclamation plan needs like permit conditions, vindication measures specified through the CEQA process and more. Along with this, there are some of the major inspection points that need to keep in mind:

  • Inspecting the Lease Area.
  • Ensure that Geo-fencing is in the right place.
  • Checking the pit area like its depth, width, breadth, latitude and longitude.
  • Inspecting the trucks that deliver the minerals to the Stockiest
  • Examination of Royalty slip, weighs bridge pass with its complete information like weight, time and date of the material to be delivered.
  • Checking the delivery challan and weight bridge pass when the truck leaves the Stockiest land.

Difficulties That Faced by Them

When mine supervisors and surveyors visit the lease for inspection, they face a lot of problems as the entire process needs to be done manually and it takes a lot of time, papers, money and energy to make lease inspection reports manually.

Another major problem that faced by them is all the records need to be kept very carefully as reports contain important information that cannot be misplaced. After making entire lease inspection reports manually, supervisors need to carry that files and data to the office to submit.

Apart from this, they need to check the delivery challan, weigh bridge pass and royalty pass, considering its date, time, weight, minerals type, etc. These are the different types of problems that the Geology and Mining department face in their day to day tasks.

How GeoMine Application Can Make Mining Inspection Easy?

GeoMine is the most powerful mobile-based software solution for mine supervisors, surveyors, geologists, assistant geologists, and commissioners. The application has made it easy to perform lease inspection and make reports without any hassle.

The solution has taken a manual procedure that had been followed in the Geology and Mining Department from years and make it into an automated one. The application comes with 11 different modules, making the whole process of mining inspection to submitting reports to maintaining everything related to it a lot simpler. Have an instant glimpse on the modules of this application:

Other Duties: The module enables mine supervisors and surveyors to create other duties reports with detail information like date, time, district and more. It also enables geologists and assistant geologists to check staff other duties that performed by supervisors.

Mark for Attendance: It is one such module that enables all the mine supervisors, surveyors, geologists and assistant geologists to mark their attendance online and check their own attendance log. Moreover, senior officers can check who is in that means total no of employees, who are present today.

Approved Leases: Through this module, users can make a new lease entry with its complete information like lease no, survey no, mineral type, selecting lease type and other information. They can also create/update lease pillars. It also enables geologists and assistant geologists to find a complete list of leases that can be filtered by its lease no, name, and address.

Approved Stockiest: When it comes to approved stockiest module, it allows to create a new stockiest entry filling huge information like stockiest no, survey no, mineral type, stockiest name and more. Mine supervisors can also create/update stockiest pillars of approved stockiest. Geologists will be allowed to find a complete list of approved stockiest.

Lease Inspections: Now, making lease inspection report and submitting become a lot easier with lease inspections module as it allows mine supervisors or inspectors to create new inspection report of any lease. They can submit report with huge information like location, photo of sign board, inspection form, pit area and more.

Spot Inspections: Spot Inspections module has made it easy for fellow geologists to create a new spot inspection report with its detail information like mineral type, photo of lease area and description of topography of the area.

Stockiest Inspection: Mine supervisors, inspectors, and surveyors can create inspection report of stockiest filling huge information like select stockiest, location, site photo, inspection form and more. Moreover, it also allows users to create a new notice report with its complete data.

Quarry Permit Inspection: Using this module, mine supervisors can create quarry permit inspection report with permit form, inspection form, site photo and more information. It also enables to create new notice report as well.

Vehicle Checking: Vehicle Checking is an essential module of the app, enabling mine supervisors to create new vehicle checking report, mark today’s attendance and check his own attendance log.

FS (Flying Squad) Reports: Flying Squad Reports module allows hired contractors to make flying squad report of assigned F.S orders.

Notifications: The users of this application will get notification alerts if they are getting any comments on their submitted reports from their seniors. They will also get notification alert of the application about its update.

Ultimately, GeoMine application has fully optimized the entire way of the Geology and Mining department, ensuring them that the more work has been done in the least amount of time. At Everythingcivic.com, we have an experienced team of developers, who is capable of customizing this application the way you want.