Ajmer Becomes the First City of Rajasthan to Launch SmartCity-311 Application

In the Indian state of Rajasthan, Ajmer is the fifth largest city with the population of approximately 2,584,913 according to the 2011 census. The City of Unity is the nickname of the Ajmer City and gradually, the Nagar Nigam of the city is trying to implement a new and innovative technology for its citizens and government departments.

In an effort to enhance the citizen and government services, the Ajmer Nagar Nigam has launched a new mobile application named “Ajmer-311″ on 3rd December 2015 in the presence of Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Municipal Commissioner of the city. The application has been launched to make the Ajmer city a better place to live.

While launching Ajmer-311, they said that the app will work excellently for the city, enabling citizens to report non-emergency issues or concerns to the Ajmer Nagar Nigam. Moreover, they also said that the application will streamline the workflow of Nagar Nigam’s different departments.

When it comes to the modules of the Ajmer-311 app, the application has five different modules, including public grievance module, field work monitoring module, GPS attendance module, GPS Road checking module and project tracking module.

From these five different modules, the public grievance is for the citizens of the Ajmer city, allowing them to report civic issues or concerns in their neighborhoods and communities. With this easy-to-use application, Ajmer citizens can provide the city’s Nagar Nigam with pictures, specific description/remarks, location, and other valuable information about the issue that required to get resolved.

While the second module field work monitoring allows field reporters to report their day-to-day field inspection reports of varied categories to the officers. Reporters just need to capture a photo of the location and it will get GPS information of the location through a photo that automatically tags its respective wards and zones. The senior officers and management team can easily track down the progress of any field, which mentioned.

The third module GPS attendance will allow Ajmer Nagar Nigam officers to mark their attendance online from their office. It enables senior officers and management to track down how many officers are present in the office and in which department.

The senior officers will get detail attendance report like at what time he marked his attendance and from which location like outside or inside of the geo-fencing area. Moreover, the module makes use of GPS and GPRS technique to give an accurate data related to attendance of officers.

The fourth module of Ajmer-311 application is GPS Road Checking, enabling road inspectors and engineers to report about their assigned road construction task. The module has replaced the paper-based information about road construction, material report and geotechnical investigations.

When it comes to the last module of the app, project tracking enables the field engineers to track and manage the physical and financial progress of the government projects like water supply, constructing the bridge, drainage and more. It will be easy for officers to get essential information about such projects with simple steps.

The Ajmer citizens and Nagar Nigam officers can download the Ajmer-311 application in their device as the application is obtainable to download for Android and iPhone devices.