An Easiest Way to Track Project’s Progress with Project Tracking Application


Tracking and managing project progress is an extremely crucial to project success as it helps you to know where you are at and when you are going to finish it. However, city government works on lots of projects together, and managing and tracking all those projects is not easily possible.

Along with it, field engineers and officers need to visit the project site and generate paper-based reports, filling complete information about the project like its progress, writing information, financial progress, etc.

Visiting field, tracking projects, generating paper-based reports and submitting those reports to seniors is a time-consuming process; therefore, Project Tracking application is the right solution to manage the projects of the city.

It is the most advanced and feature-rich solution, allowing field engineers and officers to track the progress of projects of the city. Using this high-end application, engineers can digitally generate project reports, filling complete information like the photo of the project, physical and financial progress, description, etc.

Important Points of Project Tracking Application:

  • Project Tracking is an application that takes a manual procedure, which had been followed in the government department and turns it into an automated one.
  • The application is the right solution for field engineers and officers to generate reports using their smartphone.
  • It allows creating project tracking report, filling complete information about the project like the photo, location, physical & financial progress in % and description.
  • Senior officers can track the progress of the projects and communicate directly with the concerned officer.
  • Enables field officers to access accurate data and information from all aspects of the project.

What type of functionality do field officers & engineers can use in Project Tracking Application?

Generate Project Reports:

Field officers can create detail project tracking report using their smartphone. They just need to fill required information and submit the report online.

Check Officers’ Submitted Reports:

Now, senior officers can easily track the progress of the projects of the city without stepping out. They can easily check all the reports that submitted by the officers using their smartphone.

Add/Edit Project List:

It becomes easily possible for senior officers of the city government to add and edit the project master list. They can edit any data of the project like the name of work, zone/project, project code, work order date, etc.

Email Project Sheet:

The application allows field officers to email their monitoring project sheet to any of the email address. They just need to enter the email address and send the project sheet.

Check Project Status:

The application allows officers to check the status of projects and export project tracking report to any email address they want.

Bookmark Any Project Tracking Report:

It is easy for officers to bookmark their reports so that they can discuss it later whenever they have a one-to-one meeting with their senior officers.