Attendance and salary of the municipality employees to be decided through 311 app


Things are going to be much different for the employees working at Lucknow Municipal Corporation from 1st Jan, 2021. To increase the efficiency of the workers and higher level officers and reduce the instances of late comings, the government has now decided the use of Lucknow 311 app to register attendance and calculate salary. Now each and every employee under the Lucknow municipal corporation will have to take a selfie when they reach their office in the morning and add it to the app along with the location. The same has to be repeated in the evening. Around 4000 employees will be registering their attendance using the app. Any employee failing to do so, will be considered as an absentee. This way, the salary for the month will be calculated based on the working days registered on the app. The system was introduced after biometric system failed a few years back.