Field Reporting Application: How this App Increases On-site Productivity by 97.5%?


As per one case study, a multinational oil and gas company’s current process of filling out forms on-site and until it’s handled takes almost 120 minutes. However, these companies can make the process of filling forms a lot easier with field reporting applications.

Using such high-end solutions, they can fill out the field forms in just 3 minutes, making the entire process automated. When it comes to talking about such applications and solutions that make the process of generating reports simpler, Field Reporting is one such application that gathers all the important data and forms into one place, making the whole paper process much more efficient and effective.

Now, there is no need to follow the time-consuming process of making paper-based reports and submit those reports to senior officers as field reporting and monitoring solution has digitalized the entire process of making reports.

Currently, adopted by various government departments like AMC (Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation), NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council), Nagar Nigam of Jodhpur and Ajmer, etc. the application enables field engineers and officers to generate a report on the field using their smartphone and submit it directly from the field.

Decrease on-site security risks by 80% and Achieve Better Maintenance

After implementing field reporting application, the city government departments can decrease on-site security risks by approximately 80% because this application makes reporting easy as the field officers do not have to manually fill out every single paper report as they were earlier doing.

Rather than filling paper-based reports, they are filling reports in mobile that hardly takes 3 minutes. Officers just need to click the photo of the field, select the category, describe the report, click selfie and submit the report. Now, senior officers can instantly check all the reports that submitted by the officers and track the progress. Moreover, they can also make comments on the reports, asking about the report.

With this high-end app, field engineers and officers will get a completely different and a new experience without the psychological stress that follows with the paper mill. Easily customized and simple to access for all the skill levels, effortlessly manage all the data and reports, GPS location of the field with photo, date, exact time and description are some of the major benefits of this application that field officers can experience.

One of the best things about this app is that it shows, who gets the job done and who don’t. It will be easier to supervise your field workers as they will always have that feeling that they will be monitored and that may well to better results as getting seen by members higher in the hierarchy is more likely.