Get Real-Time Traffic & Parking Information Using NDMC-311 Application


Are you a resident of NDMC area? Are you tired of facing huge traffic on your daily routes? Do you also face parking problem?

Now, you don’t have to face all these problems as NDMC-311, a mobile-based citizen application that launched by NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) department, provides a real-time traffic and parking information about different areas of NDMC.

It doesn’t matter in which NDMC area you are; you just need to download the NDMC-311 application in your android or iOS device and access ‘traffic & parking’ feature in order to get accurate information about the traffic of different areas.

Using this feature, you can check traffic of all the NDMC areas and get complete information about traffic of your desired areas. In case, if you are facing huge traffic in your route, you can change the route, where there is less traffic as per your convenience.

Moreover, the application also provides complete information about the parking lot of NDMC areas. You can find information like type of parking, total area, vacant places, charges, etc. If you are unaware of the route, you can click on the show route to get driving route to that parking place with exact time to reach there.

You can find both surface parking as well as multi-level car parking information that you can choose as per your convenience. Just click on your desired option and get your required information in just a few clicks.

There are enormous benefits of this real-time traffic and parking feature as it allows citizens of NDMC area to get instantaneous information about roads and streets where traffic is heavy.

In addition to this, one can also originate real-time traffic intelligence. Using such traffic intelligence, the citizens may be able to change their route to reach their destination in the least time.

How to Use Traffic & Parking Feature of NDMC-311 App?

  • Initially, users need to download the NDMC-311 app on their smartphone.
  • After downloading, they can click on ‘traffic & parking’ icon under this app.
  • After clicking on the icon, they can find three different options such as Traffic, Surface Parking, and Multi Level Car Parking.
  • If users want to get traffic information of NDMC areas, they can click on traffic option and get information about traffic from the current location to the destination.
  • However, they can click on Surface Parking and Multi Level Car Parking options to get information about the parking lot.

If you are an android user, you can click on this link to download this app whereas iOS users can click here.