GujMine, a Mobile-based Citizen App, Launched by Chief Minister of Gujarat Smt. Anandiben Patel


We are pleased to share that our developed application GujMine has been launched by Hon. Chief Minister of Gujarat Smt. Anandiben Patel at Raisan near Gandhinagar. GujMine is the most advanced citizen application, allowing citizens of Gujarat state to make a complaint regarding any illegal mining that is taking place in the state.

On this special occasion of the inauguration of Petrography and Mineral Chemistry Laboratory and launch of GujMine application, Smt. Anandiben Patel said, “Gujarat is endowed with various industrial minerals, the upgradation of this laboratory, developed by Geology and Mining Department of Gujarat government, will give a new impetus to mineral development.”

She also added, “Royalty from minerals contribute significantly in the state’s revenue. This laboratory will be instrumental in identifying and conducting physical and chemical analysis of minerals. She also stated, “Minerals are our important resources and to prevent them is our collective responsibility.

Shri Govindbhai Patel, State Energy Minister, Shri Arvind Agarwal, Additional Chief Secretary, Minerals Commissioner Shri M. Thennasaran and other officers of the Geology and Mining Department and invitees remained present at the inauguration of Petrography and Mineral Chemistry Laboratory and launch of GujMine application.

When it comes to talking about GujMine app, the application has nine different icons and each has its own features and benefits to offer. Citizens can use each icon of the application and get various features. They can verify royalty passes and delivery challans. Moreover, citizens will also get a complete list of stockists of the state with its address, stockist name, minerals type, etc.

Let’s have a quick look at the different icons of the GujMine application:

Allow to Report Illegal Mining: Citizens can report the illegal mining of the state to CGM (Commissioner of Geology and Mining) department with its complete information photo, description, location, etc.

CGM News: Want to latest and top information about the CGM department and its related activities? The application enables citizens to can get the latest and top news about the CGM department about its tender, any notice, etc.

Citizen Services: Through citizen services, citizens will also get information about the announcements, publication & block notifications of minerals. They just need to click on the icon to know about the announcements, block notification about the major and minor minerals, download important docs and more.

Verifications: Using verification feature of the GujMine app, citizens of the Gujarat state can also verify delivery challan and royalty pass.

Stockist: Want to know how many stockist are there by your nearby location? You can search for a list of stockists of your area with its name, address, survey no, mineral type, etc.

Mineral Atlas: Using Mineral Atlas feature, it would be extremely easy for the citizens to search for mineral atlas by selecting district as per their requirement.

Lab: Now, citizens of the Gujarat State can easily know the testing charges of different minerals like limestone, bauxite, Gypsum, etc. They can find the rate of per sample, service tax charges on it, required quantity, etc. They can directly contact the lab by their email as they just need to click on contact by an email that redirects them to compose email.

Contact CGM: It would easy for citizens to contact CGM department as they will get complete information about all the officers along with their contact numbers, email address, designation, and name.

Government Resolution: Under government resolution feature, citizens can find all the resolutions of the government that made by them. They can find a list of all the resolutions with its branch name, letter/document no, year, subject, date and more.

Hence, citizens can download GujMine application and easily report about illegal mining of the state to help CGM department to take instant action. Furthermore, they can access various other features as mentioned.