How Does GPS Road Checking App Helps Me in My Project?


Myself Jake! And, I have been working as a road inspector in the government department from last five years.

As everyone knows that the job of a road inspector includes checking the materials that used during road construction, supervise the contractor’s work in order to make sure that each road meets its specifications and record the total amount of work, which has been done and the materials that have been utilized.

Visiting the place (road) again and again that has been constructing and reporting about everything is not as easy as it sounds. I had to visit the place on a daily basis and maintain all the reports manually in the paper, which was a quite daunting task.

But recently, I come to know about GPS Road Checking application that streamlines the entire process of road checking and make the work of checking a lot simpler. Generally, roads and highways are built by local, state and federal governments, and GPS Road Checking app is obtainable for government departments, so all the field technicians and road inspectors can download this application and make their whole process of road checking easy.

Now, many of you all may have a lot of questions in your mind like how an application can make road checking easy? How to use this application? How much does it cost? Well, it is easily feasible to use this app for road checking and road construction work. Here, I have tried to answer some of your questions that I also had when I came across to this application:

What is GPS Road Checking Module?

GPS Road Checking Module is the most powerful and advanced quality mobile solution, enabling field technicians and road inspectors to electronically replace the paper-based information about materials testing, road construction, inspection activities and Geotechnical investigations.

How Does This Application Work?

Initially, the road inspector needs to download the application in their smart-phone. After that, he needs to register himself. The application will provide an easy-entry using pre-defined forms and menus.

Then, he can easily fill the information about particular road checking like project code, road and zone name, checking the date, the name of the contractor, location of plant, temperature of the material used, the length of the road resurfaced on checking day and more. The application also tracks the progress of the road construction on a day-to-day basis. Moreover, he can also view “My Stuff” in the app, where he can “New RCF”, “Saved as Draft” and “My RCF”.

Does It Cost to Download GPS Road Checking App?

No! GPS Road Checking application is obtainable for free of cost. It can be easily downloaded from the Apple store and Google Play store.

Do I need to register myself to use this application?

Yes! You have to make one-time registration with this application. And it’s extremely simple and easy process.

Is It Safe to Use This App For Checking?

The application is completely safe and secure as has used industry standard SSL Encryption for both Admin as well the GPS road checking mobile app. It ensures that your data is completely safe and secure.

Can I Use This Application Anytime & Anywhere?

Yes. You can use this application anytime and anywhere. The updated information is readily accessible to any and all, who need it. There is no need to wait for someone to be in office. Moreover, you can easily see your already updated road checking reports and view remarks if any.

What Type of Other Features Can It Offer?

Apart from updating your road checking report, the application allows you to check the history of the road like when it was built, who were the officers inspecting and in-charge of construction, who was the contractor, what was the project code, etc.

Some of the Advanced Features of GPS Road Checking App:

Advanced Reporting: For all the officers, hierarchy and individual reporting become extremely easy. Officers are able to access multiple online reports in order to track construction work that has been carrying out across the city or location. Reports can be easily exported to varied formats, enabling for easy integration with existing ERP system.

Monitoring & Tracking: The application has made monitoring and tracking the road development and its progress a lot simpler. The app also allows you to track and monitor the construction in maps and check the progress.

Cloud-based: The system is completely cloud-based, so there is no software or hardware to maintain. Officers are allowed to access their checking data anywhere from their smartphones, which have access to the Internet.

Business Intelligence: BI reports, which will calculate as how much construction/maintenance have been done across different wards and zone.

PDF Forms: The application also has the capability to produce completed forms and reports in PDF format that can be sent an email as well.

Available 24×7: The information is accessible to anytime and anywhere to whom, who need it. There is no need to wait for someone to be in the office or pick up the phone.

Data Collection: It also reduces the turnaround time from data collection to finalized report. Now, it will be easy for you to collect data and make final reports without much efforts.

So, these are the top features of this application that made my road checking task easy and streamline the entire process. You can also make use of this application and make your work easy. To download this application, android smartphone users can click here and iPhone users can click here.