How to Make Road Inspection Fast & Flexible using GPS Road Checking Mobile App?


When it comes to talking about the employees, government employees are a bit different than most as they are always busy in managing their own workload and finding it difficult to manage data and reports manually.

Among all the departments, road engineers are facing a lot of difficulties as they need to visit the field, where the road is constructing and witness everything to report to senior officers about construction. Visiting the site with lots of papers and managing everything manually is not as easy as it sounds, you (as a road engineer) need to be careful and manage everything properly to maintain records.

In the recent times, mobile devices have changed everything as they are playing a very significant role in enhancing efficiency and productivity in the workplace across all the industries. Now, digital data collection and collaboration become easy with GPS Road Checking application, allowing road engineers to report from the field capturing a picture of the road, the exact time of reporting, date and location.

The module is specially designed for road inspectors, engineers, and senior authorities to replace their paper-based information about material testing, road construction, inspection and geotechnical investigations. Now, road inspectors can electronically send reports to higher authorities and give instant updates about the work to their seniors.

How GPS Road Checking App Can Help Road Inspectors or Engineers?

The main aim of the GPS road checking application is to streamline the entire process of reporting from the field to senior officers. It is an extremely valuable tool for road construction engineers, construction crews, and inspection companies. It will maintain the roadway systems of the city easily and eliminate maintaining manual reports or paperwork.

Now, road engineers do not have to carry their laptop and other documents while visiting the site as a smartphone that installed with GPS road checking app, enables them to capture the picture of the road, fill the form online and getting the location of the field automatically. It also allows you to create and add project code and insert officer’s information, who is present with on plant location. The app has digitalized the monitoring and tracking the development and progress of the projects.

How Does the GPS Road Checking App Works?

The GPS Road Checking application is a cloud-based that is completely safe, secure and free from any kind of risk of crashing or being erased. Works in real-time on both the devices iPhone and Android, the application works smoothly and efficiently. Using this application for daily road inspection reporting is a lot easier, so let’s have an instant look at the steps:

  • To create a new road checking report, road inspectors need to click on “New RCF”.
  • By clicking on “New RCF”, the location will be taken automatically from your field.
  • Once it takes your location, click on the next button to click the picture of the field.
  • After clicking the picture of the field, it will ask you to use this picture or retake it in case if the picture is not clear.
  • Once you click on the use button, you need to insert other information like project code, checking location and officer 2 name.
  • After inserting this information, officers need to click on next button to fill the road work checking form online.
  • While filling the form, they need to fill information like contractor name, the location of plant and more.
  • After filling the form, they need to click on the “Next” button and fill other information like zone and road name, exact location during the checking, length of the road resurfaced on checking day and more.
  • Ultimately, they need to click on the “submit” button to submit the report.

What Type of Features Does GPS Road Checking App Offers?

Eliminate Doing Work Twice: We all know that there are lots of common problems associated with paperwork like illegible handwriting, human errors and more. It is quite difficult to write entire report manually in different weather, so the application has replaced the paper-based information about road construction, inspection, material testing and more.

Safe & Secure: The application makes use of industry standard SSL Encryption, ensuring the users that their data and the information is completely safe and secure with this app.

Allow Senior Authorities to Check All the Reports: The module allows senior officers and authorities to check submitted reports of road inspectors and officers and track everything like how much work has been done.

Save Time: If the officer or road engineers need to enter the information for once, they can save their huge amount of time and make use of their time on other projects.

Monitor & Track Progress: GPS road checking module has made it a lot simple to monitor and track down the progress of the projects that are undertaking in the city. And monitor the progress of the particular area, city and district.

Allow to Email Reports Directly: In case, if the road inspector or senior officer wanted to email any particular report to any email address, they can easily send the reports to their desired email address with just one click.

24*7 Accessible: The module allows top authorities and senior officers to access any information or report 24*7 as per their convenience. No need to wait for officers to submit report and check, checking reports of all the officers is just a few clicks away.

Enable Road Inspectors to View their Submitted Reports: Road inspectors and officers can check their submitted reports that they have submitted in the past. They can check and review all their reports anytime and anywhere.

Save as Draft: In any case, if there is no Internet Connectivity, the reports will be saved automatically in the draft that can be sent by officer when they get internet connectivity or Wi-Fi area.

Eventually, the application has digitalized the entire process of reporting on road development, material testing and other things related to road construction. Currently, more than 4 cities’ government officers are using this application and digitalized with this solution.