How NDMC-311 Application Helps Dr. Virat Kuntalam, a resident of NDMC Area?


Dr. Virat Kuntalam is a resident of NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) area and currently works at NDMC department. Recently, he shared his experience of using NDMC-311, a mobile-based citizen application, which helps citizens to access enormous civic services using their smartphone.

According to him, it is the best initiative that taken by the NDMC department as the application makes it easy for citizens to become the part of Smart City Mission. Considered as the most scalable cloud-based application, NDMC-311 allows residents of NDMC area to get real-time traffic and parking information, a complaint about any civic issue, access citizen services, instantly pay basic amenities bills and more.

We asked some of the essential questions related to NDMC-311 application to Dr. Virat Kuntalam, and he satisfyingly gave answers to all the questions. Let’s check out what he said about our app:

Do you think that mobile technology can be helpful in citizen’s daily life?

According to me, technology, no matter whether it is big or small, it is always going to help citizens in making their life better and easy altogether. It will give a huge impact on their life, making it comfortable and easy.

How NDMC-311 helps you as an NDMC citizen?

Almost one month ago, I downloaded this application on my smartphone. The application helps me to explore the NDMC area, what is where, nearest location of commodities, easy and quick complaint redressal for the NDMC area residents and more. These are the few of many ways in which NDMC311 application is helpful to me.

What you think about this initiative that taken by NDMC department?

To be very frank about my views, it is the best and very thoughtful initiative that taken by current NDMC administrative. Indeed, it is a very big step towards the Smart City mission of NDMC area.

As you know that the application has numerous features, which feature you found the most useful?

Almost all the features of the NDMC-311 application are end users relevant and very thoughtfully incorporated. Developing an application is not the only thing, but to make it a happening one with lots of features. NDMC-311 is one such app that makes it possible for citizens to access a wide range of NDMC civic services.

There are many complaint registering apps in the market, but the promptness of the complaint redressal through the NDMC-311 app is phenomenal and all credit for this certainly goes to NDMC administration and you guys! Kudos to you all.

Can you share one of your experiences of using the NDMC-311 application?

There are numerous incidents, be it finding a public loo or finding a parking spot or search for the nearest public transport spot or get a complaint redressed, the NDMC311 app is handy in all. The application has helped me in many ways, making my life a lot simpler.