How one Mobile Application is Improving & Advancing Field Reporting & Monitoring?


The significance of real-time communication is a formation principle of Field Reporting application. Reporting directly from the field is a highly important component of that. We all know that everyone needs to have up-to-date information about the project so that they can get the maximum efficiency and collaboration on a job site.

In such a highly regulated industry, work that performed on the field and on job site must be properly documented and tracked in order to make sure the highest levels of transparency and compliance. With various field engineers and officers, it is quite difficult for senior officers to ensure that the assigned work to a particular officer is complete, accurate and effectively performed.

Managing every single paper-based report of all the field engineers and officers is not easily possible as it consumes huge time. In the recent time, using smartphone and tablets for field data collection is becoming a highly popular option as government department of various cities are adopting smartphones to collect data more accurately.

One of the most popular smartphone apps ‘Field Reporting’ is excelling in the field inspection industry. The application can be customized easily according to client’s requirements, tailoring its forms with more features for inspectors and contractors in the field. The benefits of mobile data collection over paper-based reports are threefold with huge efficiency and accuracy over three different stages like data capture, data delivery, and data utilization.

Field Reporting & Monitoring System: Enhancing Efficiency & Accuracy of Data

We all know that paper-based data collection is extremely slow, time-consuming and prone to human errors. The utilization of paper in order to collect inspection data takes inspector away from the main task of inspecting the field.

But field reporting application has made it easy for field engineers and officers to make reports using their smartphone. They can digitalize the process of creating reports and fill complete information about the field like the photo of the field, GPS location, date, time and description if any and submit it directly from the field.

Now, senior officers do not have to wait for officers to come office and submit the reports; they can easily monitor the assigned task and check its progress.

Utilizing Collected Information Efficiently

Since all the information and data is obtainable remotely, there are no chances of delays of submitting reports, and senior officers can instantly check all the reports that submitted by field engineers and officers.

In addition to this, instant notifications can be sent to the officer if he/she is getting comments from the seniors so that they can immediately reply to them and communicate with them. The best thing about this application is that it allows capturing the photo of the field that gets the GPS location of the field, exact time, date and remarks, giving information about the work.

The collected data and information about the report is completely accurate and effectual as compared to outdated paper-based reports. Efficiency improvements come into existence from the moment the data is gathered to when it is delivered and utilized to drive better decision making.

However, smartphones as well as tablets have all the essential functionalities of GPS receivers and digital cameras within a device, which is a segment of the size, and getting real-time updates from the field enhances efficiency and accountability.