How Our Field Inspection App Streamline Jack’s Building Inspection Project?

Our most popular and useful ‘Field Inspection App’ makes Jack’s project of building inspection a lot easier.

Jack is a government employee in the estate department. And his main job is to make sure that construction of buildings meets local and national building codes and ordinances, zoning regulations, and contract specifications. Jack was spending his most of time inspecting worksites, alone or along with his team.

Recently, he has been assigned with one major project of inspecting the construction of building. While researching about the project and its related things, he come to know about our field inspection app that streamlined his project of inspecting to reporting to managing the progress of the building.

To digitalize the inspecting of building, he used field inspection app that helped him while performing his major tasks, like capturing necessary photos of the building, any floor or any particular surface and visualize each and every detail and inspection forms.

After downloading the app, he noticed huge change in his way of working as there was no need of dragging his laptop or any camera at the field. He used his smartphone to capture all the necessary pictures and other essential data. Moreover, he visualized the entire building inspection on a map, save inspection forms on the device and directly email all those data to officers and other higher authorities for reporting.

What is Building Inspection?

In the current scenario, building inspection performs as a snapshot in time recognizing safety hazards, minor to major defects and faults that are present in the building. One of the main reasons to have a building inspection is to ensure that the building which has been constructed meet building codes, zoning regulations and other contract stipulations.

What Type of Help Jack Got by Using Our  Field Inspection App?

Prioritize Risk-based Work: By using this application, Jack prioritized the risk-based tasks and used the application’s built-in camera to capture thorough inspection results on the spot in order to be more proficient in his work.

Easy to Inform On-site Decision-making: The app also helped him in informing on-site decision-making no matter where an inspection took placed. He just used to tap on the documentation and other important data from systems of record and informed to supervisory.

Eliminate Paperwork: The best thing about our application is that it eliminates the paperwork, therefore, Jack found this app extremely useful as there was no need for him to keep papers, forms, and other important data as he was managing all the reports and forms in the app.

Got PDF Forms of the Conducted Inspection: Whenever Jack visited the site of building for inspecting, he was updating PDF forms of all those conducted inspections and sharing them through email to officers, helping him to report instantly.

Made Communication with Concerned Officers Easy: Our developed application comes with messaging and commenting system that allowed Jack to make a task specific communication with concerned officers and authorities about any particular issue or problem easy.

Reliable & Accurate Data: While talking with Jack about our application, he said that as a building inspector, there is nothing bad than trying to collect reliable and right information paper-based processes that made high chances for miscommunication. But our custom mobile form ensured him that custom required fields quick field techs to deliver detailed reporting with all the important information. So, there were no more chasing people for comprehending reports or missing data.

Eventually, Jack felt content by using our field inspection application as our app equipped with a lot of useful features that streamlined his entire project and digitalized it as well.

How Field Inspection Application Works?

Using our application is extremely easy yet tranquil process as you just need to follow some simple steps that listed below:

  • Firstly, you have to capture a photo of any location.
  • After clicking a photo of any location, the app will get GPS information of the location that automatically tags its respective wards and zones.
  • In any case, if the clicked photo is not clear, you can retake the photo using “Retake” option.
  • Now, if you find your click photo OK, you can click on “Use” button to step ahead.
  • Afterward, just select the relevant category related to your inspection.
  • Now, if you have any work related notes, you can mention it over there.
  • Check your entire report over there.
  • Ultimately, click on “Submit Report” button to submit your report.

Do you also want to streamline your field inspection task or any other kind of inspection work?

We have the most powerful and feature-rich solution for you ‘Field Inspection Application’ that has been designed and developed for officers and authorities to digitalize reporting of day-to-day field inspections of various categories. Our application allows senior officers of government and management team track down the process of the field that assigned to any inspector.

In case, if you want some more features in the application, our team of professional app developers can customize the application the way you want it. We can add as many features as you want and make it work as per your business or project requirements.