How Smart Solutions Can Transform Governments?


In each and every city, the government is the most important and the largest sector that plays the biggest role in making a city smart. But for a very long period of time, it has been deserted by technology. Today, we can notice that almost all other fields have experienced an explosion of growth and creativity in the way of doing work, but the state as well as local government remains comparatively untapped.

In the coming time, it will be changed entirely as new technologies and solutions will foster efficiency, transparency and intelligence. When it comes to talking about the public sector, it looks like the consumer industry of 1995 while the enterprise space in 2005 is the beginning of a big-scale digital transformation.

Like every industry or field, state and local government should also adopt smart products, solutions and applications to transform their department and adopt new way of working so that they can manage everything a lot easily.

What Transformation Smart Solutions Can Give to Government Department?

With changes in time and technology, a lot of new smart solutions and applications have been launched to transform the way different departments of industries are working and managing their regular work. By adopting smart solutions, government department can experience huge transformation, so let’s check what transformation they can experience:

Real-time operations

In the global economy, there are lots of industries that are operating in real time. Streams of data inform numerous businesses about each and everything from manufacturing and supply chains to their customer profiles.

All those companies, that have updated information at their fingertips, can address numerous small problems before they problems become too worst. Even, individuals can also benefit from real-time data and information.

But when it comes to talking about the government departments, they are totally different. They often access accurate data on a monthly or quarterly basis then also, they need to make critical decisions every single day.

But this can be changed easily with some kind of software or application deployments, which help governments use current data to make more informed decisions regarding how they can allocate public resources effectively.

Advanced Reporting Software for Government

Do you know that information technology, which powers the government is disreputable old and outdated? You can find lots of parliamentary platforms with code-bases that have not been updated for years. At the time of hauling information from governments’ account system, you feel like you are pulling anything that is not possible. Such software, technology and systems blockade governments from instantly distributing information, cooperating on projects and comparing themselves against other governments.

New reporting technology like field reporting app’s system allows government officers to manage everything electronically. Government officers can make reports using their smartphone filling huge information like the photo of the field, location, date, exact time of the report, etc. Such type of apps and solutions can empower government employees to search information in seconds.

Ultimately, such advanced reporting software and application can save a huge amount of money of government department by streamlining processes, delivering intelligent insights across the expenditure scale.

Boost Engagement with Citizens

We all know that smart networks are considered as excellent things, but it is essential for cities to guard themselves. Between the principles of democracy and efficiency, there is characteristic tension, which boosts engagement and centralized systems. In spite of making everything smart, cities need to focus on slowing down and enhance the quality of life. Such type of considerations can increase citizen engagement.

But what type of considerations or actions can boost engagement with citizens. A lot of cities’ government like Jodhpur and Ajmer Nagar Nigam, have launched an application, allowing citizens to make a complaint regarding any civic issue such as garbage on the road, trash in front of the house, potholes on roads or anything other issues.

Citizens can make a complaint about such issues and submit those issues to government officers. They can directly communicate with senior officers about their issue and more. Such type of actions and solutions can boost the engagement between government and citizens, making their relations strong. Moreover, the government allows citizens to participate in the civic process by allowing to contribute.

Communication in Inter-governmental

As we all know that Internet considered as a knowledge-sharing platform. From past several years, technologists are developing various advanced tools like Google, Wikipedia and more to help the flow of information on the web and allow ever greater knowing sharing. It would be easy for us to find nearly any information in just seconds.

However, government departments have not got benefited from such rapid developed tools, and most software like MS-Office, ERP, etc. are developed for “Inside office operations,” and most of their government decisions, projects and work are related to field work.

Today, various companies are there that develop and build software for anything and everything across the field work that based on the real-time data that you are getting from the field. Field reporting based solution through which taking a decision with data, facts and figures become easy.

Such types of apps are not restricted to field reporting or information gathering, we do have GPS attendance module, allowing government officers to mark their attendance online with their GPS location, the exact time of marking, photo, etc. Want to customize this application according to your business requirements? Get in touch with us for the idea!