How SmartCity-311 Smoothen Daily Work of Officers Like Me?


I am an assistant engineer at AMC (Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation) and using SmartCity-311 application from last one year for daily reporting. Being an assistant engineer of Virat Nagar (East Zone), I have to visit field on a regular basis and make reports about it submit it to senior authority, but making reports manually, including all the information, was quite difficult.

However, our AMC department has started using SmartCity-311, a complete suite, one year ago, and the application has made it a lot easier for me and our entire department to make field inspection report and submit it directly from the field.

I am using the SmartCity-311 application as an interactive tool that helps me and our department to make field report, mark daily attendance online, generate road checking reports and track project progress.

Through this application, I can submit my daily field inspection report directly to my seniors, which ensure me that my work has been noted by my senior and higher authority. The application has also eliminated the communication gap between me and my seniors as they are directly communicating with me through comments. They also give feedback on my reports.

Not only this, the application is also an advanced way of marking attendance online from the office as it automatically gets my latitude and longitude information, exact time and date of marking attendance. My seniors can easily check my daily attendance and assign work accordingly. The best thing about it is that senior officers and higher authorities can check who’s in that means how many total numbers of employees are present in the office by which they can make a work-plan.

Let me share my experience how SmartCity-311 application made my daily work easier yet simpler:

An Effective Tool for Generating Reports

Earlier, when I used to make field inspection report manually, it was taking my huge amount of time and the entire process was too long, but SmartyCity-311 application comes with field reporting module that makes it simple for me to make my daily field reports and submit it directly from the field.

It is an effective yet operative tool for generating field reports as it allows officers and senior officers to communicate through comments. It streamlines the internal communications among officers. Now, no more waiting for seniors to check your submitted report and notice your work, field reporting module makes it easy to submit daily reports and notice your work.

A New Way of Marking Attendance

As we all know that field engineers sometimes need to visit the site directly in an emergency, and they can’t visit the office to mark or tick their attendance, but SmartCity-311 application allows all the officers to mark their attendance online from officer and field as well. Moreover, the best thing about the GPS attendance module is that it takes exact time, date and location automatically.

Through this module, I can mark my attendance online directly from field and office as well. Moreover, my seniors can easily track down my attendance and exact time of marking attendance that should be transparent.

No Need to Carry Heavy Files While Visiting Field

Previously, I was making my reports in hard copies and assemble all the copies in files. I was carrying heavy files, papers, and other docs along with me while visiting the field. Taking care of all those important papers and reports is not as easy as it sounds. I had to submit all those paper-based reports to my senior officers, so it must be in good condition.

But after using SmartCity-311 application, I don’t need to carry heavy files, papers, and other docs with me as the application has made it easy for me to make electronic reports that I submit directly from the field. It also gives better accessibility, easier tracking & robust storage system of field records. I can also email these reports to any desired email address. Moreover, this way of making and managing reports boost transparency in the system.

Eventually, SmartCity-311 is a very good initiative to bring efficiency and effectiveness in the system with transparency.