Indore-311 Mobile Application Featured in Newspaper


The mobile app Indore-311 has proved to be a big hit with 100 complaints within 48 hours of its launch which were soon resolved by the Indore Municipal Corporation. According to the news featured in the newspaper “mumkin hai” of 23rd February 2018, the number of users registered with this app has reached to 1.25 lakhs and is continuously increasing. This application has created a system flexible for both residents and the corporation department to make the city free from dirt and diseases. More than 500 complaints are logged through this app every single day, of which 90% of the complaints are resolved within 3 hours from the time of a complaint filed. IMC officers from 19 zones have been connected through this app and benefits residents from 85 wards. Implementing Indore-311 is a small step for a big change like making Indore a garbage-free city.