Jodhpur, Second Largest City of Indian State Rajasthan, Launches Jodhpur-311 App


Jodhpur is the second largest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan with the population of approximately one million. The city has been declared as the second “Metropolitan City” of Rajasthan. The Jodhpur Nagar Nigam wanted to make the city smarter with the new and modern technology.

To make the city smarter and ahead in the country in a matter of technologies, Jodhpur Nagar Nigam has launched Jodhpur-311 mobile application on 21st January, 2015 to streamline the entire process of working. The application will digitalize the way officers are reporting, marking attendance, inspecting projects and more.

In the presence of Mayor, Commissioner, Senior officers and other Nagar Nigam members, Jodhpur Nagar Nigam has launched the Jodhpur-311 application that integrated with different modules, including public grievance, field work monitoring, GPS attendance, GPS road checking and project tracking. While launching this application, there were lots of media channels and news reporters at the event.

Many of you all may have lots of questions regarding this application like what’s the use of this app? What kind of help will it provide? How much the app will charge? Here, I have tried to answers all your questions, so let’s have a look on it:

What is Jodhpur-311?

Jodhpur-311 is an advanced quality mobile application for citizens and Nagar Nigam officers of Jodhpur city. The application will encourage the citizens of the city to report non-emergency issues or concerns directly to their community leaders in government to resolve the issues.

Moreover, the app allows Nagar Nigam officers to report from the field with the photo of the location, time, date and location, mark attendance online, track projects that are undertaking in the city and more.

What’s the use of this app for citizens?

The citizens of the Jodhpur city can use this application to report civic issues like potholes on the street, a bunch of garbage, water logged streets, etc. to local government to get resolved it as soon as possible. The citizen can click the picture of the issue and report it to the officer. The report will be assigned to the officer of that area and the officer will look after that issue till it gets resolve.

What’s the use of this application for Nagar Nigam officers?

The application will allow Nagar Nigam officers to report their day-to-day field inspections of varied categories, mark their attendance regularly, inspect and report about road projects, track big projects of the city like the construction of bridges, construction of government buildings, drainage and more. Moreover, the application has streamlined the way officers are reporting, inspecting and managing entire tasks.

How can citizens use this application?

The citizens of the city just need to click a photo of any civic issue that he/she is facing and post it on the Jodhpur-311. In case, if the photo is not clear, he/she can retake it for a clear view. Further, the application is intuitive and it automatically takes the location of the issue as based on the geo-fencing system. The reporter of the issue needs to classify it into one of the categories as defined in the app.

How can Nagar Nigam officers use this app?

The officer needs to capture a photo of their work report and select their relevant category. They also need to type work related notes if any and can click on the submit button to submit it. Officers are also able to check their submitted report in “view my inspection report” option. They can check seven days’ report in the screen.

Do I (as a citizen) need to pay for using this app?

Jodhpur-311 application is obtainable for free of cost, so citizens can download it from the Apple store and Google Play store.

Do I (as an officer) need to pay for using this application?

The application is obtainable free of cost for officers as well. They can download it in their iPhone or Android device.

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