Make Health Inspection Easy in Schools & Residential Areas Using VBD-Tracker


How many of you all know this that every year more than 3.4 million people die because of water-related diseases? Do you know that water-related disease is the leading cause of death across the world?

Among all those death victims, most of the sufferers are young children and the huge majority of whom die of illnesses caused by organisms that bloom in water. When it comes to talking about particularly in India, every year more than 600,000 children are dying because of water-borne diseases.

To control these types of diseases in schools and other residential areas, health officers are performing the regular inspection in municipality schools and residential areas. While inspecting in municipal schools, health officers are checking that whether the RO of the school is clean or not. Whether the toilets are clean or not.

Moreover, they also need to conduct a regular health check-up of students, collecting detail information about it. Like this, a regular inspection at residential areas is also important and plays a significant role in decreasing among children.

How Health Officers Are Performing Regular Inspections?

Government health officers are regularly visiting municipal schools and other residential areas to inspect, examine and prevent health and safety by ensuring that everything at schools and residential areas are in good condition.

While inspecting in school, they inspect RO water of the school, check school’s toilets, perform a regular check-up on students, and more.

Moreover, health inspectors also perform different surveys at residential areas by asking different questions. For example, they are performing fever survey, they will ask some important questions to residents like is there any person at home, who is suffering from fever, is there anyone, who suffers from fever in the last 15 days and more such questions.

By collecting all such data and detail information, they will make a report on it and submit it or higher authorities or senior health officer. Ultimately, they will observe report and take quick actions on the basis of generated report.

Problems That Faced by Them

At the time of inspecting different schools and residential areas and making entire report manually, they end up taking a lot of time, handle huge paperwork and a lot of energy that needs to be spent on it. Following are some major problems faced by them:

  • Making Entire Health Report Manually
  • Taking Care of Paper-based Reports
  • Make Each & Every Entry Manually
  • Carry Entire File of Docs While Inspecting
  • Submit Manual Report to Higher Authority in the Office
  • Takes Huge Time to Taking Action Against Any Disease
  • Misplacing of Data, Files & Other Docs
  • Delays in Compiling the Reports at the State Level

What Type of Help Health Inspectors Can Get Using VBD-Tracker Application?

VBD-Tracker is the most powerful and advanced mobile-based solution, allowing the officials of the Commissionarate of Health service to regulate and ensure compliance, perform a regular inspection and implement all the activities to prevent and control water-borne and other diseases. The application has made it a lot simpler for health inspectors to perform a regular inspection at schools and other residential areas.

Moreover, the application will help inspectors and officials to report their work/duty that has been assigned them in different schools of the city. They can easily click pictures of the RO plants, water storage tank, drinking water spot/dispenser and boys’ & girls’ toilets. Moreover, they need to fill entire inspection forms online in the application without maintaining any report manually.

In addition to this, they can also take the survey at residential areas by asking different questions as they just need to tick on Yes/No button. They can view their all submitted health reports, bookmark any important report for later referring and check comments if they got on any report from higher authorities. Eventually, VBD-Tracker solution will make the entire process of inspecting and submitting a health report a lot simpler and hassle-free.

This is how the entire inspecting and reporting system had been set up. And because of this, the health inspectors can:

  • Make & Manage Reports Easily
  • Eliminate Work of Making Reports Manually
  • No Need to Carry Files & Other Docs
  • Eradicate Filling Same Form Manually & Return to Office to Submit
  • Saves A Lot of Time & Energy

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