Mobile Governance: Improving the Value of Services


In this era of mobile phones, we have noticed that mobile technology has significantly changed the life of people, making it more comfortable and efficient. It enhances the capability of delivering business and client-centric government services.

Empowering citizens and affecting the way they are interacting with each other and with the society, mobile phones are playing the biggest role and considered as an effective tool in firming equality through better citizen-government interaction. Thus, it impels the political decision-making process and making governments accountable for their activities.

A sub-domain of e-governance, M-governance ensures that people can access electronic services through mobile technologies. Electronic services have eliminated the need of a traditional way of communicating and collaborating, making everything a lot simpler. We all know that mobile phones are extremely cheaper and accessible in varied rural areas in India and other Asian countries.

Objective of M-Governance

The main aim of the M-Governance is to deliver fast and easy-to-access public services to all the citizens through mobile devices. It involves the use of various wireless and mobile technology services, applications and devices for enhancing benefits for citizens, businesses, and all government departments.

Mobile services are growing constantly and emerging as the new border in transforming government and making it even more accessible by encompassing the benefits of remote delivery of government services and information.

Through m-governance, there will be a huge change in the way citizens and authority bodies are connecting with each other. It will streamline the daily activities and help out government departments to distillate more on various other factors in developing the nation worldwide.

Mobile Phone: A Highly Developing Channel for Service Delivery

Gone are the days when mobile phones were used as a communication tool to instantly communicate or send a text message. Now, mobile phones are considered as the robust technology that bridges the gap between urban haves and rural have-nots.

It has been almost two decades ago since the mobile phones were launched in India, and today, it has reached remote rural areas in spite of various hurdles such as lack of connectivity, low level of literacy, etc.

A highly emerging channel for delivering different services, mobile phones allow people to access various civic services by which they can directly communicate with the government officers and take benefit of citizen services.

In an attempt to serve citizens better services through mobile phones, NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) has launched the most powerful mobile-based citizen application that is called NDMC-311.

Residents of NDMC area can access enormous civic services like report non-emergency issue, access citizen services, get real-time traffic and parking information of NDMC areas, instantly pay their basic amenities bills, find nearby places of their location, etc. using their mobile phone.

M-Governance: Affected all the Essential Areas of the Governance

In every governing area, mobility holds a great place as it has transformed the intrinsic way of carrying out government activities in a professional and productive manner. The best thing about the M-Governance is that it affected all the essential areas of the governance, including:

    • Municipal Services
    • HealthCare Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Education Services
  • Political System
  • Election Commission

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