Nalini Khandelwal: An NDMC Resident Shares Her Experience of Using NDMC-311


A resident of NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) area ‘Nalini Khandelwal’ is a director at Pumarth Credit & Capital Ltd. Recently, she shares her experience of using NDMC-311 application that helps her to make a complaint regarding any civic issue like potholes, water logged street, garbage, etc.

NDMC-311 is the most powerful citizen application that enables citizens of NDMC area to access various civic services like all citizen services, real-time traffic & parking information, instantly pay bills, find nearby places, etc.

We interviewed her and asked some of the important questions regarding the NDMC-311 app. She shared her experience and pleasingly gave answers of all the questions. Let’s have a look at what she said about our application:

Do you think that mobile technology can be helpful in citizen’s daily life?

Most certainly. Every person today owns a mobile and being able to do a lot of their daily chores by the press of a button would be very helpful indeed.

How will NDMC-311 help you as an NDMC citizen?

NDMC-311 is a wonderful mobile application and has an exhaustive menu. I can easily access so many things, as an NDMC citizen, which earlier was a tedious task. In the new digital world, one does not necessarily need a face to talk to, but we need to be heard.

According to me, this initiative can bring a huge change to the old redundant system, where we as citizens felt that nothing was being done. Immediate action brings back a lot of faith in the system.

What you think about this initiative that taken by NDMC department?

I think it’s a great initiative and it is commendable that the NDMC is changing with the times and modernizing itself to suit the present needs of a citizen. NDMC needs to campaign aggressively about this initiative, so a lot more people start actively participating.

You definitely need to involve the NDMC citizens to also assist this venture and take on volunteers in the areas they could need help. We are law abiding citizens and also feel strongly about a lot of issues relating to cleanliness and pollution. By involving citizens this venture can have a million more hands and eyes to help NDMC.

As you know that the application has numerous features, which feature you found most useful?

Removal of garbage has been very helpful for me. And, I have not tried the other options yet.

Can you share one of your experiences of using the NDMC-311 application?

I uploaded a picture of massive dumps of garbage on Vakil Lane. A complaint number was immediately generated and my complaint was allotted to a concerned officer in the sanitation department. I was sent notifications on the work in progress. Two days later it was all cleaned up.

To my shock one day later the huge dumps of garbage piled up again. I once again uploaded a picture of the mountains of garbage and wrote a strong message to them that seems to some foul play and some trucks could be dumping garbage here on purpose.

Immediate action was taken and the place was cleaned up again. Ever since that day the huge garbage dumps have not come back. There are a lot of places where there are garbage dumps, Markets are filthy because the shopkeepers do not care to keep it clean. By starting “citizen policing” we can take these people to task and help keep our city clean.