NDMC-311 Sorted Out 500+ Complaints of the Residents in Just One Month


It’s been almost a month since NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) launched NDMC-311, a mobile-based citizen application, allowing residents in areas under New Delhi Municipal Council to access the civic services at one single platform.

Developed by Everythingcivic.com, NDMC-311 sorted out more than 500 complaints of the residents in just one month. The application is getting a good response from the citizens as more than 5000 residents are connected with this high-tech application.

The main mission of the NDMC department is to make the city smart and allow citizens to participate in this mission using NDMC-311 application that comes with nine different icons, allowing to access various civic services. Through this application, NDMC department can bring positive change in the city by improving the economic vitality and quality of life within the District.

A lot of citizens have downloaded this application and successfully accessing it, acquiring enormous benefits like saving their huge time, making their city clean, getting instant solution to their problem, get in touch with NDMC department, etc.

“The application is getting a good response and over 500 complaints of the residents of NDMC area have been sorted out and 5,000 residents have been connected with the application,” the NDMC said in a statement.

We are delighted that our developed application has fruitfully sorted out 500+ complaints and allowing citizens to access various other civic services at one place.

Using this application, residents can also pay their water, electricity and property tax & estate bills with Quick Pay, get in touch with emergency departments like fire, disaster management, women helpline, get real-time traffic and parking information, find nearby places like hotels, hospitals, petrol pumps, etc.

From potholes to unattended garbage, to issues about water-logged streets; citizens can make a complaint regarding any issue using their smartphones. They just need to download this application and click the picture of the issue, choose a category and submit it.

Once the report has been submitted, the NDMC-311 app automatically routes the issue to the appropriate department and generate a work order that can be tracked by government departments. To download this application, android users can click here while iOS users can click here.