Neeraj Shrotriya, an NDMC Citizen, shares His Experience of Using NDMC-311 Application


Neeraj Shrotriya is a professional Lawyer in the NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) area and using NDMC-311 from last one month. He is thankful to NDMC department for launching this wonderful application that is doing a great job. It is the best opportunity for the citizens of NDMC area to take a part in the mission of making a city smart.

NDMC-311 is a highly useful application for citizens of NDMC area as the app makes it easy for all the citizens to access a range of civic services. Moreover, he said that now he can pay his basic amenities bills from the comfort of his home and get real-time traffic and parking information of different NDMC areas.

We also asked some of the important questions to Mr. Neeraj Shrotriya in the interview and he shared his experience of using NDMC-311 application. Let’s have a look at what he said about our application:

  1. Do you think that mobile technology can be helpful in citizen’s daily life?

Answer: Yes, I think mobile technology can be helpful in citizen’s daily life as mobile has changed the whole world of communication. It gave a new face to the communication world as it is viewed as the most effective tool to bring change in numerous industries. Using mobile technology, government departments are serving citizens and delivering various services to access anytime and anywhere.

  1. How NDMC-311 app helps you as an NDMC citizen?

Answer: I downloaded NDMC-311 application about one month ago and it helped me in many ways. Now, I can generate immediate complaint about any civic issue like garbage, lack of dustbins, etc.

Earlier, it was quite difficult to complain about any issue because we need to go to the nearest office and no one has time to visit the office for complaint, but NDMC-311 application makes it easy for me to generate immediate complaint about any civic issue.

  1. What you think about this initiative that taken by NDMC department?

Answer: Honestly speaking, I am very thankful to NDMC department for taking this initiative. I hope that all the city government of India should adopt this application as this is the way we can bring change in India and make our country smart.

  1. As you know that the application has numerous features, so which feature you found most useful?

Answer: I liked the whole concept of the NDMC-311 application, but the most useful feature that I found in this application is getting real-time traffic and parking information of NDMC areas. Now, I can use this application and check the traffic for any particular area and save my huge time by avoiding that route.

  1. Can you share one experience of using NDMC-311?

Answer: Recently, I used NDMC-311 app to generate a complaint of garbage in front of my home. I took out my smartphone and took a picture of it and choose a category and submit it. The complaint had been resolved within 2 to 3 hours. I am glad that NDMC is taking immediate actions against citizen’s complaint.