Now buy groceries using your Indore 311 app


Indore 311 app has been developed with the aim of helping the Indore residents reach the municipality with ease for utility services and for complaints. Keeping the current scenario in mind, we have added in some new features in the 311 app which can help people get benefited during the lockdown days. This includes a major one like booking groceries online. This means the residents can place their booking through the app and the groceries will be delivered at their doorstep. As per corporation commissioner Ashish Singh, the app has been facilitated enough to deliver door-to-door service. Currently, 1400 local shopkeepers have become part of this initiative and out of that 1100 have got their curfew passes which means they can deliver on their own. From all this, the main intention is to keep the local public indoors and stop from making any public interactions that can lead to the spread of the disease.