Porbandar-Chhaya-311 app launched by the municipal corporation


In the first week of December 2020, Porbandar-Chhaya 311 app was launched by the Porbandar-Chhaya joint municipality. An event was planned for app launch and it was inaugurated by Babubhai Bokhiriya, MLA Porbandar. The app will help the residents to raise complaints regarding issues with streetlights, cleanliness, water supply, etc. The complaint can be registered by the residents online on the app. They can take photos and simply upload them on the app when raising an issue. The app comes with GPS feature which will enable the authorities to pinpoint the local workers and resolve the issue at the earliest.

Apart from that, the application will also offer information regarding different places like parks, e-libraries, etc. to the residents. They will also be able to collect traffic information using the app.