Pragnesh Patel, an Assistant Engineer at Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Share His Experience of Using Field Reporting App


Pragnesh Patel, an assistant engineer at Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, is one of our genuine users of field reporting and GPS attendance modules of the SmartCity-311 application. Being an assistant engineer of the South Zone (Khokhra), his main job is to visit the field in the early morning by 6 to 6.30 AM to check is there any water pollution in his zone. After visiting the field, he needs to reach the office by 8:00 AM.

How he was reporting earlier and what type of problems he was facing?

He shares that visiting field in the morning and making entire reports manually was quite cumbersome because we need to take care of all the papers and docs and come back in the office and submit that report to senior officers.

The entire process of visiting field, making field reports manually, taking care of papers and submitting those reports to senior officers was quite long and time cumulative.  But after using field reporting application, there is no need to make entire reports manually and take care of any files and papers.

How field reporting app helped Pragnesh Patel in reporting?

The application is very useful for analysis the situation, and it also streamlined the whole work of inspecting to reporting to managing the assigned work. He shares that now he can submit the report online using a smartphone as he just needs to take a picture of the field, where he is inspecting and fill other information like date and time of inspection, GPS location and description or remarks if any. It helped him to save his huge amount of time and energy of writing reports manually and eliminate work of making another copy of reports to submit it.

What change did he experience in the way of managing reports after using field reporting solution?

Pragnesh Patel said that the application is very good and useful for discipline and to get optimum results. He added that the app has digitalized the process of his day-to-day reporting and make it easy to submit real-time reports.

What Type of benefits does he get using our application?

While speaking about the benefits of using our application, he said that it is extremely useful for the government department and its officers because the department can get proper results. Moreover, the application has helped to analyze everything and maintain a good workflow that is easy to follow. In short, field reporting application is wonderful monitoring system for the best and quick results.

Although, he shares his experience of using GPS attendance application. He said that it is useful to be punctual all the time. And there is a completion to deliver the best from same grade officer no matter whether it is marking attendance online, reporting to a senior officer or project monitoring.

Are you also looking forward to digitalizing the way of field reporting like Pragnesh Patel?

We do have the most advanced quality mobile-based solution “Field Reporting” that designed and developed for officers and higher authorities to streamline the way of reporting of varied industries. The application enables senior officers of government and management team to track down the progress of any assigned task or project.