Reduce Inappropriate Attendance with Ready-to-use GPS Attendance Application


With constant increasing in the number of employees in the city government’s departments, it becomes quite difficult to track each and every employees’ attendance like at what time he marked his attendance, did he marked his attendance by his own, what if he needs to visit field directly from home?

Even, senior officers can’t track all the employees’ attendance as they are busy with their own schedules and workload. However, the picture is changing gradually because a lot of new and easy-to-use attendance tracking technologies are being introduced that make it easy for employees to mark their attendance without any hassle.

GPS Attendance application is one such modern technology that allows field officers and engineers to mark their attendance online using their smartphone.  Making the whole process easy and effective, the application makes use of GPS to pinpoint the officers’ accurate location.

How does GPS Attendance Application Help City Government Officers?

Many a time, officers need to visit the site directly from their home, so they can’t fill their attendance, but GPS attendance app allows officers to mark it from the field as well. So, senior officers can also track how many officers are present on a daily basis.

They can track at what time they have marked their attendance. This will help seniors to make a work plan accordingly and allot it departmental-wise. This high-end application enables field officers and other high-authority people to keep track of employee’s attendance and location related activity both on site and from remote job sites.

How to use GPS Attendance Solution?

  • Using GPS Attendance application is extremely easy for field officers and engineers as it will automatically acquire the officer’s latitude and longitude information.
  • Once, it gets the location information, the officer needs to click his selfie and write notes if any.
  • After clicking selfie and writing notes if any, the officer can mark his today’s attendance.
  • Moreover, the application allows officers to check their attendance log, getting complete information like time of marking attendance, location & date, and notes.

Varied Features of Mobile-based GPS Attendance App

  • Field officers and engineers can mark their attendance online using their smartphone. They can mark it directly from the field and office as well.
  • Officers can check their own attendance log getting complete information about their past attendance like date & time, location and remarks if any.
  • Senior officers can make comments on any marked attendance of officers, allotting any work or asking anything else.
  • In any case, if the officers are marking their attendance late, they can add notes describing the reason of late.
  • The application has prevented the falsifying attendance of officers, allowing them to mark their attendance from the field and office as well.
  • The best feature of this application is that it is the safe and secure way of marking attendance online. It prevents any kind of falsifying attendance.