Searching Nearby Places Becomes Easy With NDMC-311 Application


No matter whether you are planning to visit New Delhi or you are a resident of NDMC area, searching nearby places of your current location becomes extremely easy using NDMC-311 application.

A mobile-based citizen application NDMC-311 that has been launched by NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) department for the citizens of NDMC area. The application allows users to access enormous civic services using their smartphone.

Apart from the NDMC citizens, visitors, who visit New Delhi for the first time, can also use this application for searching nearby places of their current location and reach their desired place with its driving route.

Many times, it happens that we face problem while searching for needy places like public toilets, hospitals, police stations, petrol pumps, taxi stands, bus stands, etc. and NDMC is the biggest area, so finding nearest hospitals, police stations, petrol pumps and taxi stands is not easily possible for the visitors and residents of the city.

Therefore, downloading NDMC-311, a highly scalable cloud-based citizen application, is the best solution. The application has ‘What’s Near Me’ feature in it that allows citizens and visitors of the city to search for nearby places of their current locations.

They can search for various places like metro stations, bus stands, taxi stands, police stations, hospitals, dispensaries, veterinary clinics, physiotherapy centers, markets, government schools, community centers, tourist locations and many other places with the help of What’s Near Me feature.

Moreover, it allows users to get the driving route of any place they are searching for, they just need to click on the particular searched a place to get its driving route. Users can also search for the place using search bar of this feature.

Find Nearby Places of Your Location with Few Simple Steps

  • Firstly, users need to download the NDMC-311 application on their smartphone (Android or iOS).
  • After downloading the application, users can click on ‘What’s Near Me’ icon under this app.
  • After clicking on the icon, they will get a list of different places like public toilets, police stations, metro stations, etc. to search for.
  • They can click on an of their desired place to search which is the nearest one from their current location. For instance: if they are looking for the nearest police station of their location, they can click on the police station option and will get the list of police stations that are near to their current location.
  • In case, if they want to search for the particular place of these options, they can use the search bar and also get a driving route of that place.