An Assistant Engineer at Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Nidhi Patel Shares Her Experience of Using SmartCity-311


One of the sincere users of our SmartCity-311 application Nidhi Patel, an assistant engineer at Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, shares her experience of using SmartCity-311 solution. Handling South Zone (Kankaria), her main job is to regulate engineering requirements by conducting inspections and analytical tests.

While interviewing her, we asked some of the major questions about her experience with this application, which answered by her very accurately. Now, let’s check out what she answered about our questions:

How you were reporting earlier and what problems you were facing?

Earlier, I (Nidhi Patel) had to submit my reports in hard copies and assemble all the copies in files. After completion of a considerable amount of work, files were put up for approval of the authority. Higher authority was able to know about the field works in detail only after file reaches to them in physical form. The whole process of generating reports to managing to submit was taking a huge amount of time.

Now, you are using SmartCity-311 solution, so what changes you felt in your work?

Now, with the SmartCity-311 app, I am uploading my reports for the executed work on real time basis. This helps our higher authority to review the progress of work on daily basis and can manage any exigency in well advance.

What Type of benefits do you get after using SmartCity-311 Solution?

The application gives better accessibility, easier tracking & robust storage system of field records. I am also able to email these reports easily. It improves transparency in the system. This is a very good initiative to bring efficiency and effectiveness in the system with transparency.

How is it helpful for you in marking attendance online?

SmartCity-311’s GPS Attendance system is helpful to be punctual all the time, but it has a constraint that employee has to mark their attendance only at a selective location like an office. But this feature of the application can help government department to track every employee and manage work accordingly.

Thank you, Nidhi Patel, for taking the time out of your busy schedule and answer our questions!

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