GPS Attendance Module Inner

Features & Type of Data Captured While Conducting GPS Attendance

Verification & Activation of Cell Phone via SMS

Verification and activation of mobile phone through SMS to provide secure login in order to prevent employee sharing the same phone for GPS Attendance Tracking purposes.

Secure login to prevent falsifying attendance.

The login process of the application is completely safe and secure to prevent any kind of falsifying attendance.

Ability to check co-worker’s ‘in’ or ‘out’ status.

Now, it becomes a lot easier for you to schedule meetings, communicate with co-workers, etc. Employees and staff members can see who is already present in the location and at what time they reported in.

Employees can check in and check out from different locations

Employees are also able to check-in and check-out from different locations throughout the day if their profile is configured to do so.

Employee Self-Service log

Employee’s self-service log allows all the employees (users) to review their monthly activity log, which they can email as well.

Employee can add notes & comments

Employees can also add notes and comments, enabling them to explain their delays, unexpected down time, etc.

Free App for Employees & Staff Members

For all the employees and staff members, the application is obtainable free of cost that they can download from app store.

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